LOXXVIII Session Dates

Leadership Development Retreat

The Leadership Oakland class will participate in a two-night foundation retreat where participants are provided an overview of the region and its challenges, insight into their own leadership style, and an opportunity to get to know their fellow Leadership Oakland classmates.  They will also set individual and group goals for their year in the Leadership Oakland Cornerstone program.

Economy & Government Session 

This session will look at the local and global economy and how it impacts the region and state. Local, regional and state officials will share information on governmental structures, key issues and responsibilities in the region.  

Non-Profits & Human Services

In this highly experiential session, participants will understand how non-profits are structured and how they contribute to our communities. They will get a close look at human service agencies and discover how they function as valuable resources.

Health & Environment

Understand the most current key issues and challenges facing the health care industry as well as industry growth and innovations.  Explore environmental topics from a variety of eye-opening perspectives.  

Diversity & Inclusion

Building an increased awareness, understanding and sensitivity to a range of diversity issues is the focus of this rich session. Participants explore the impacts of diversity in the region, as well as personal and professional relationships.

Justice System

Hear first hand from those involved in the criminal justice system from federal to local perspectives. Optional "special access" experiences make this an amazing and memorable session. 


Explore the most current issues and innovations in education from early childhood through adult. Site visits will inform, inspire and amaze!

Arts & Culture

The significance of maintaining and nurturing a broad spectrum of arts & entertainment activities in our community will be the focus of this session. Highly experiential and highly satisfying.

Shaping the Future

This session brings the year full circle. What does the future hold for Oakland County and Southeastern Michigan?  Participants will take the knowledge and insights they have obtained throughout the program to develop their personal plan of action to tackle some of the region's most critical challenges. Many lifelong friendships are cemented during this session.


At this highly popular event, Leadership Oakland participants and their guest are invited to celebrate the completion of the Cornerstone Program and the participant's commitment to continued leadership.