Alumni Association - LOAA

Taking Leadership to the Next Level

The purpose of the Leadership Oakland Alumni Association (LOAA) is to provide graduates of Leadership Oakland opportunities for continuing education, networking and community trusteeship. Alumni membership offers a wide range of benefits to our alumni including:

  • NEW - Opportunity to participate in Leadership Oakland's first Alumni Leadership Retreat
  • NEW - Discounted membership ($50 off) to inforum, a statewide program to develop and support women in leadership ($100/year for LOAA members)
  • NEW - Legacy distinction for being a LOAA member 5 consecutive years.  Recognition at annual Taste of LO event
  • Ability to post and receive job opportunity listings
  • Receive an electronic Alumni Directory
  • Reduced admission to LO programs (easily recoup the price of dues!)
  • LOAA recognition ribbon at events
  • LOAA member designation listing in Alumni Directory

Membership Levels & Payment

2019 Transformational, Visionary and Influential Members


Kendra Corman, LOXXVII

Charles DeVries, LOXVI

DeAndre Lipscomb, LOXXIV

Jim Piper, LOXIX, ALI-1



Kitty Adler, LOXVIII

Jonathan Berg, LOXXVII

C.J. Felton, LOXXIII, ALI-2

Jim Giszczak, LOXI

Carnita Hunt, LOXVI

Jennifer Korman, LOXIX

Nancy Maurer, LOXXV

Kristen Pursley, LOXXVI


Christine Santos, LOXXI

Tammi Shepherd, LOXXIII, ALI-2

Annie VanGelderen, LOXXIII, ALI-2

Carlene VanVoorhies, LOXII

Kevin Wisely, LOXVII

Brian Woodcock, LOXXV

Timothy Wyman, LOXXIII