BOC AI Event


Breakfast of Champions

Embark on an AI Adventure at Leadership Oakland’s Exclusive Panel Event!

Breakfast of Champions

Dive into the digital age with a splash for this panel where AI meets human ingenuity, and curiosity meets compliance. Join us for breakfast, followed by a panel discussion that promises to be as energizing as your morning coffee.

Event Highlights:

  • Date & Time: February 6, 8:30 AM – 10:30 AM
  • Venue: Walsh College, Troy, MI

The Panel Line-Up:

  • Kendra Corman: The Moderator/Guide: As an expert in AI for communications, Kendra Corman will kickstart our session. She’ll share her personal experiences with AI, setting the stage for a deep dive into its multifaceted impact on our professional lives.

Meet Our AI Experts:

  • Alex Haney: The Legal Perspective: As a part of Bodman’s Enterprise Procurement Group, Alex brings clarity to the complex world of AI. He’ll demystify the legalities and help us navigate the intricate legal landscape of AI.
  • Sue Justice: The HR Viewpoint: With her extensive experience as an HR Generalist, Sue will shed light on how AI is reshaping employee policies and handbooks. She’ll provide insights on adapting HR strategies in the era of AI.
  • Jeff Zupancic: The Operations Expert: Specializing in AI for operations, Jeff will discuss how AI can streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and revolutionize business operations. He’ll debunk common AI myths and highlight real-world applications for improving business operations.

Engaging Conversations: Guided by Kendra, the panel will delve into a series of thought-provoking questions and discussions. We’ll explore everything from AI’s role in enhancing efficiency to tackling its challenges in the workplace.
Why Attend?

Leap beyond the buzzwords and soundbites. This isn’t just another AI talk; it’s a journey through AI with guides who’ve navigated it. You’ll leave with:

  • The ability to spot opportunities and pitfalls in the world of AI.
  • A compass to navigate the complex ethical issues.
  • A toolkit to craft AI policies that don’t just tick boxes but spark innovation.

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