LOXXX Session Dates

Leadership Development Retreat

The Leadership Oakland XXIX class meets each other for the first time at this 2.5 day kick-off retreat.  Highly interactive, they gain insight into the program experience as well as their leadership/personal strengths and areas of development.  Participants leave this retreat energized and motivated for the year ahead.

Economy & Government

This session looks at the economic forces and government structures that shape Oakland County and their impact on the region.  Participants hear directly from business and government leaders on the opportunities and challenges they face on  a daily basis.  

Non-Profits & Human Services

In this highly impactful session, participants gain an understanding of how non-profits and human service agencies contribute to the strength of our region.  They see firsthand how these organizations serve a vital need throughout Southeast Michigan.

Health & Environment

The changing worlds of healthcare and the environment are the focus of this enlightening session.  Experts from throughout the region provide insight and understanding to the variety of developments that affect participants personally and professionally.  

Diversity & Inclusion

Often called one of the most impactful sessions of the program by graduates, this is not the stereotypical diversity training.  Participants leave with an increased awareness and appreciation of complexities surrounding diversity and inclusion and its impact on their effectiveness as leaders.

Justice System

Witness firsthand the criminal justice system in action.  In this eye-opening session, participants get a comprehensive look - from the local to the federal level - at the inner workings of justice.

Education & Workforce Development

This session provides an awareness of educational systems as they evolve to meet the needs in developing the workforce and its future leaders.  Current issues and innovations from early childhood through adult learning are explored.

Arts & Culture

Participants gain a broad perspective of the arts and cultural sector in Southeast Michigan.  They are exposed to the issues facing the future of the arts and their impact on the economic and social climate in our region.

Shaping the Future

This session brings the Leadership Oakland Cornerstone experience full circle.  It assimilates the insights and key learnings of the program and challenges participants to identify future action as a group and as individuals.

Day of Service Project

The Leadership Oakland class finalizes and executes the group's class project.


Leadership Oakland participants and their guests are invited to celebrate the completion of the Cornerstone Program and the participant's commitment to continued leadership.