LO is more than Professional Development

Cornerstone is the primary program that Leadership Oakland offers to individuals seeking to expand their leadership skills personally, professionally and publicly. The program for LOXXXII will begin in September with a 2 1/2 day retreat, and end in June with a memorable graduation. Each month class members participate in 2 virtual half-day sessions with a different regional focus-from education, government and the justice system to health and human services and race and ethnic diversity. Each in-depth session is led by subject experts, and includes a mix of lectures, activities and observation.  Class members leave these sessions with an expanded understanding of the interconnected community, and the inspiration and knowledge to make a difference in every aspect of their lives.

 "I have expanded -- and even changed -- my definition of leadership and how I lead in various situations."

 "LO has given me an awareness of what's possible and the resources to make it happen."

So what?

The results of the program are astounding. By building a shared understanding and partnership, Cornerstone graduates develop purpose and commitment to the community. They emerge from their Leadership Oakland experience eager to make a difference by putting their established leadership skills to use. The organizations, communities and boards that these leaders are involved with benefit greatly for years to come.

"Each session helped me professionally by providing exposure and access to available resources in the region. I have been able to work across many organizations in support of my business objectives."

"How could I have lived here all my life and not know about this stuff?" 

Great People…

Make a good program into a great one. We start with a mix of approximately 50 established leaders and high potential emerging leaders. A key component to great leadership is an understanding of diverse perspectives, and we make every effort to expose our class to varied opinions by incorporating professionals from diverse professions, ethnicity, backgrounds and beliefs. These individuals all share the common desire to reach their full leadership potential and benefit our community.  This creates a strong network which crosses the boundaries that often limit impactful change.

"The experiences from LO helped improve my career and work better with diverse groups of people"

"I formed a very close personal relationship with a group within my class. It is a unique bond. The retreat provides a platform for this to happen."