By now, many of you have heard that I'm embarking on a new career adventure. If you haven't, here is the official announcement. I truly love leading Leadership Oakland. However, I've been reminded recently that dreams not pursued often result in regrets after it's too late. So I'm taking my biggest leap of faith ever to become an entrepreneur!

One sentiment from many wise people is top of mind right now -- First impressions matter but last impressions create a legacy.

While the Search Committee begins the exciting opportunity to find the next LO Executive Director, I've compiled a to-do list in aspiration of a stellar lasting impression. See it for yourself:

 LO remains my top career priority until transitioned to the new ED. The amazing momentum we have will continue. No taking the foot off the gas (pardon the cliché).

 Recruit and select an outstanding class for the 30th anniversary of the Cornerstone Program. The program and its quality speak for itself. It has gone through leadership transitions before with each class continuing to claim they are the Best Class ... Ever!

 Finish the fiscal year strong and on target with the strategic plan

 Work with the Board, new ED and staff to determine a volunteer role where I can still make an impact with LO. There are so many ways to serve our alumni and community through LO. And talented volunteers are always welcomed!

 Celebrate the amazing and unforgettable experience leading LO has had in my life and career.

I'm not going anywhere, friends and colleagues. Even though I won't be in a compensated capacity with LO in a few months, I still plan to be a force and catalyst for personal, professional and community growth within our region.