There are billions of people online globally and quite a few billion are active on social media too. They aren’t all just on Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram either. LinkedIn is still a great tool to help you manage your personal and professional brand online.

The most recent data in 2019 places LinkedIn at 310 million active users. While Facebook is at 2.4 billion active users, 310 million isn’t anything to sneeze at.

So, should you be putting time in LinkedIn?



LinkedIn is more than just memes and people arguing about their political viewpoints. LinkedIn is professional and it is a great place to showcase your professional personality.

Notice the use of the word “personality.” That is very important. You need to remain authentic and not be afraid to show your personality.

So, here are 7 things for you to leverage on LinkedIn:

  1. LinkedIn Live

This is a great new program that allows individuals and organizations to broadcast live video to their network. Only a few people have access so you need to apply and use a streaming tool, but think about having a live Q&A with someone you admire or to discuss a new product you are launching.

Pretty cool.

To get started, check out this article on the LinkedIn Help site.

  1. Find Nearby

One of my favorite tools on LinkedIn is the Find Nearby Feature.

On your mobile device you can turn it on at a networking event or at a conference and it will allow you to see other LinkedIn members who have that feature turned on within your Bluetooth range.

Here is how you can turn this on:

In your mobile app, go to the navigation at the bottom and click on the “My Network”



















Then click on the group of people with the plus in the bottom right hand corner of the screen:




















Finally, Turn nearby on and you are ready to go and connect with others around you:






















  1. Comment on posts

A marketing buzz phrase is “staying top of mind.”

Yes, it is a bit overused, but that doesn’t make it not true.
How do you stay top of mind on LinkedIn?
You can post, which is nice and according to some older LinkedIn data you have to post 20 times a month to reach 60% of your audience. That’s a lot of posting.

You can also comment which is even better.


It will show up in the feed of others and it will reinforce your relationship with the person’s post you are commenting on.

And if you do it consistently and authentically you will show up more in people’s feeds.

Think about setting aside 10-15 minutes a day to scroll through LinkedIn and comment on a few posts you find interesting.  

  1. Write an engaging headline.

Don’t just leave your job title, this is the default setting.

Be sure to post what you are good at or passionate about and feel free to list several things.

I have Passionate Email Marketing Expert & Trainer in mine and that is way more interesting and descriptive of my skills than Managing Director, right?

I have seen some non profit professionals write that they are Mission Driven Executives and I have seen others who are retired post about loving wine and travel.

This should reflect you and where you are in your career.

  1. How much do you have in your About section?

If you are like most people, not a lot. But the search algorithms look there at all the words you use so if you want to be found, make sure you write about your experience there too.

Keep in mind that only the first line or two will show up in the preview, so that has to be strong, but the rest will be searchable.

  1. Turn off profile notifications

This seems a little counter intuitive but if you are going to make a concerted effort to update your LinkedIn profile and you have the profile notifications on, everyone will receive updates that you updated different sections.

Are you connected to your boss?
If so, they may be wondering if you are looking for a new job.
Also, if you make a bunch of revisions people may get annoyed and confused by all your profile updates.

To turn this off, go to your picture in the upper right hand corner of and then click on Settings and Privacy. Once they scroll down to where it says Share job changes, education changes and work anniversaries from profile. Change to “No.”



  1. Change your connect button to Follow

This is a different way of thinking about things and will encourage people to follow your updates as the primary action.

They can still connect but the primary action will be for them to follow all your insightful posts.


Hopefully you find some of these tips useful and helpful in leveraging the power of LinkedIn to grow your brand.

Kendra Corman is the Managing Director of H2H Consulting and a graduate of LOXXVII. If you have any questions about LinkedIn or social media, in general, she is happy to help and can be reached at kacorman@h2hconsulting or by calling her office 248-923-1424.