2021 Leadership Oakland Alumni Association Dues – Transformational Membership

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Not to brag, but we have some of the best people throughout the world in our Alumni network. We are proud to have a strong Leadership Oakland Alumni Association dedicated to supporting each other and our communities.










Leader of Leaders – 2019 Winners

The Leader of Leaders Awards are intended to identify outstanding Alumni Association members with impressive achievements personally, professionally, and/or in their public lives. Three winners are chosen each year because of their exemplary leadership contributions specifically to this region.

2019 Winners


Kendra Corman, LOXXVII – Kendra is the owner and managing director of H2H Consulting, a full service marketing and communications company. In addition to her role as an entrepreneur, Kendra is a tireless advocate and supporter of several non-profit and community organizations, including Hope Against Trafficking, Mend on the Move, and the Humane Society of Macomb County. She also serves as the vice president of the Leadership Oakland XXVII class. For these accomplishments and more, we are proud to honor Kendra Corman for excellence in PERSONAL LEADERSHIP.


Faris Alami, LOXX – Faris is the founder and CEO of International Strategic Management, an international consultancy, and training company in which he works with international companies on technology, leadership, entrepreneurship education, and culture programs. Faris has managed over 1,000 start-ups and planned, managed and directed entrepreneurial training, talent and several international initiatives (programs). He also works with several local and global organizations, such as TechTown, Wayne State University, University of Michigan, ACCESS, Washtenaw Community College and Babson College. For these and many other accomplishments, we are proud to honor Faris Alami for excellence in PROFESSIONAL LEADERSHIP.


Kristin Rohrbeck, LOXXIII –Kristin is director at the Joanne & Ted Lindsay Foundation Autism Outreach Services (OUCARES) at Oakland University. She has led OUCARES’ growth to serve over 2,300 people impacted by autism spectrum disorders in southeast Michigan with over 100 annual programs. Kristin is an active volunteer in several organizations, including 100 Women Who Care and MI Bright Future. She is also the 2019 Oakland County Elite 40 under 40 winner. These are just a few of the many reasons we are proud to recognize Kristin Rohrbeck for excellence in PUBLIC LEADERSHIP.

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