Give back to the community by participating in the Leadership Oakland "Day of Service"!

Day of Service- Large

      May 18, 2019

      Holly, Michigan


Leadership Oakland LOXXIX, in partnership with the House of Providence, is raising funds to complete a Day of Service Project.

It is easier for individuals with a traumatic past to first care for and attach to an animal, rather than another person.  LOXXIX will assist House of Providence in beginning to make that happen for their youth by providing a chicken coop and chicken run.  There the kids will care for and handle animals they call their own.  Another healing experience for kids with a traumatic past is experiencing freedom and laughter, where endorphins flow and produce an exhilaration that more than likely these kids have never felt before.  What better way to introduce that experience to hurting kids than a playground.  LOXXIX will be purchasing and installing a playscape along with commercial grade swing sets to make this an opportunity available to HoP kids for years to come.

Get Involved

We need your help to ensure that the kids at the House of Providence have the support they need to begin to heal.  Help us bring peace to children to show them tomorrow can be a brighter day.  Be a part of securing a future for the children of House of Providence by donating today!

About House of Providence

House of Providence provides vital intervention and support services in a therapeutic and familial environment for minors who have experienced a traumatized past.  These minors are foster care youth who are found languishing without the prospect of a permanent family of their own.  By creating surroundings that are safe emotionally, mentally and physically, House of Providence helps these kids to eventually stabilize and receive focused therapy where they can process their difficult journey and begin to heal.  Eventually, these youth grow into whole, independent and successful adults realizing their full potential.  Most importantly, they receive a system of support, perhaps for the first time ever. 

About Leadership Oakland

At Leadership Oakland, our mission is to develop a network of diverse and influential leaders by exposing them to regional resources and issues, and challenging them to reach their full personal, professional, and public leadership potential.  Our fundraising efforts this year will help the House of Providence enhance the environment for the youth they support.

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