Give back to the community by participating in the Leadership Oakland "Day of Service"!


Day of Service- Large

      May 20, 2017

      Pontiac, Michigan


Leadership Oakland LOXXVII Day of Service, in partnership with Monarch Wings - Hope Against Trafficking, is raising funds to provide a safehouse for survivors of sex trafficking.


One solution in the fight against human trafficking in the state of Michigan is to provide a safe place for the survivors along with healthcare, individual counseling, peer support, legal assistance, drug/alcohol treatment and job training. 


There is an increase in the focus of helping minors; however, there is still a big gap in helping women survivors 18 years and older. 


Leadership Oakland’s Class of XXVII has decided to be a part of the solution.  We have partnered with Monarch Wings/Hope Against Trafficking to fundraise for our Day of Service Project, which is to rehabilitate and furnish a safe house in Pontiac, Michigan. 


This safe house will be able to accommodate up to 16 trafficked women and provide the safety, services, and support they will need to be survivors and not victims of this horrible crime.  Join us in being part of the solution.

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We need your help today to provide a safe house for survivors of sex trafficking.  You will be providing a much needed service to people who need it most.


About Monarch Wings - Hope Against Trafficking

Monarch Wings-Hope Against Trafficking is a non-profit dedicated to providing the environment and support to help female survivors of human trafficking in Southeast Michigan rebuild, restore and transform their lives. Their 2-year Magdalene residential program is modeled after Thistle Farms Magdalene which has achieved an 85% success rate by providing rent-free housing and comprehensive services focused on the physical, mental, and economic transformation needs of female trafficking survivors so they become empowered to thrive once again.


About Leadership Oakland

At Leadership Oakland, our mission is to develop leadership skills, expose individuals to key issues impacting the region and enable participants to reach their full potential personally, professionally, and through public service to their communities. Our fundraising efforts will help Hope Against Trafficking to furnish a safe home for female trafficking survivors and provide them with invaluable services and support. Help us restore lives of trafficking survivors so they become empowered to thrive once again.

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Valiena Allison, LOXXVII


Day of Service Community Partner