What’s Next?

It’s the question I’ve been asked the most over the past few months, “What’s next?” What’s next for Leadership Oakland?  What’s next for me after the role of Executive Director transitions to someone else? 

What’s Next for LO?

The search is well under way for the exceptional person and professional who will lead LO into the future. A search committee comprised of current and recent Board members meets weekly to vet candidate resumes and conduct the initial interview process. They’ve kept the staff and me regularly updated, and we will weigh in as the final decision gets closer. As expected, the candidate pool is impressive! I am excited for the opportunity to work alongside the selected candidate during the transition period and in whatever way is needed after that. My official departure date hasn’t been determined yet, but I’ll be here until at least June 30, the end of the fiscal year.

What’s Next for Me?

For anyone who has asked me directly, I’ve been happy to elaborate. To be honest, I’ve hesitated to share the info in broader distribution for a couple of reasons: 1. My first career priority right now really and truly is leading Leadership Oakland and transitioning it effectively. 2. I haven’t wanted to appear self-promoting. However, the curiosity level has been so sincere and supportive, I feel comfortable sharing more information.

I plan to open my own coaching and consulting practice. At the heart of it will be the question I began this column with, “what’s next?” The goal is to work with individuals, small groups, and teams to provide the perspective, questions, and guidance to help them come up with the answer. Whether it’s someone in a career or life transition, or a highly motivated team that’s challenged with figuring out what’s needed to take them to the next level, I am eager to help. And, there will likely be some writing and public speaking involved. I am enjoying the process of stepping out in faith to define “what’s next?” and determine how I can make an impact in this region and beyond.

Nancy Maurer

Executive Director, Leadership Oakland